Martha’s Vineyard

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UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_aed6While visiting my brother, SIL and their family last week I signed up for the Butt’nUp class at the gym in The Mansion House in Vineyard Haven. Right before the class, without telling me, my brother mentioned to the manager/instructor Brenda, that I am  a fitness instructor too.  Now armed with this information, Brenda is either going to kick my tush or hold back on her really special signature moves. *here’s what I’ve heard:some teacher’s “steal” each others moves . . . shocking . . . not really*.

I prefer to take classes anonymously just so it doesn’t rattle the instructor. . . .a great instructor doesn’t care one way or another.

When I first started teaching Beyond Barre several years ago, one of the students in my class was this gorgeous,  tall,  redheaded woman with great bone structure. She was extremely friendly and warm. During the class I gave her a couple of corrections, and afterwards told her she did great. This student just happened to be the Brooke Siler, pilates guru and author. Thank heavens I did not recognize her or I would have needed a beta blocker to teach the class.  She was so generous with her praise and built my confidence  .  .  .  a first-class lady.

As for Brenda, she kicked my tush big time.  Loved the exquisite pain the next day.IMG_4837

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