fitness tip

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fitness tip

Four words: Listen to your body. Do you feel negative pain? Does your body feel out of balance? Are the muscles we’re targeting not engaged? Are you recovering from an injury and not feeling your strongest? Did you just get over a virus and still don’t have yfullsizeoutput_53abour full energy back? These are all signs that the posture is not ideal for your body today. Maybe it felt fine yesterday, and maybe you’ll love it tomorrow. That’s great—but this moment is the only one you should pay attention to. Train yourself to listen to what your body is telling you right now, and adapt accordingly.

Another thing to pay attention to is your breathing. If you find that you’re holding your breath during a posture, you are holding tension in your body—and that will hold you back from getting the most out of it. Remind yourself to breathe, and if you still feel tension, consider adapting the posture.

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