barre thank you note

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IMG_0357Three of my besties and I went skiing in Utah last week. Conditions were amazing  . . . you know –  light powdery groomed  w i d e  o p e n  trails like corduroy, clear skies, temps in the 30’s. However the last day was a different tune – icy pellets of snow sandblasting my face, my clothes looked like  someone poured a slushie on them and white out conditions on top of the mountain.  As I skied down a run called Georgianne it suddenly split in two and I figured either way was cool. Choosing the trail to the right landed me up in the tree line. (note: my dear pal Shree was cruising down behind at her own pace and we got split up). Here I am innocently lost in the woods on a deeply angled narrow path, no signs, no ski trail marks . . . wtf.  Cursing,  heart pounding  sweating profusely and praying to the ski Gods “please get me outta here unbroken”  as I engage my quads to stick together and rotate side to side in a tight space.  Finally see  an opening down a steep hill leading  to the trail and point the ski tips down, engage ‘da core and arrive safely.  I lost all track of time, was it 10 minutes or 30? All I know is that my quads and gluts would have turned to consomme without BARRE! IMG_0358

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