what to eat after a workout

Posted by on January 19, 2020 | Comments Off on what to eat after a workout

after an intense workout, my first thought is ALWAYS I want to eat a sticky bun from Balthazar’s (which is at least a half day’s worth of calories) a moment on the lips a lifetime on the hips. Ok,Ok that’s an exaggeration, so go ahead and have one now and then; moderation is the key. However, here is a list of *better* food choices that are excellent post workout:

  • Grilled chicken or turkey with roasted vegetables.
  • Egg omelet with avocado spread on toast.
  • Salmon with sweet potato.
  • Tuna salad sandwich on whole grain bread.
  • Oatmeal, whey protein, banana and almonds.
  • Cottage cheese and fruits.
  • Pita and hummus.
  • Rice crackers and peanut butter.
  • Whole grain toast and almond butter.
  • Cereal and skim milk.
  • Greek yogurt, berries and granola.
  • Protein shake and banana.
  • Quinoa bowl with berries and pecans.
  • Multi-grain bread and raw peanuts or almonds
  •         EnJoY!
the traditional Greek salad is always a home run- tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, onions, green pepers, feta cheese drizzled with olive oil