Sessions & Classes

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_58adMany of my clients have hectic lives so I do my best to work around their busy schedules. However, that being said, consistency reaps the best results.

What are your fitness goals?  To lose weight . . .  feel stronger . .  . have more endurance . . .

get in good enough shape so a group fitness class won’t feel intimidating ?

BARRE CLASSES 55-60 minutes Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday  Friday Saturday (starting times vary) fifteen dollars

Sunday by appointment

please email or call or text 845.258.8222 to reserve a spot. space is limited.

PRIVATE TOWER/REFORMER 45-50 minutes session is forty dollars


Manhattan clients please call or email for prices, sessions may be in your own home

845.258.8222 /

no previous fitness experience necessary