not so dirty little secrets

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1-Ever wonder about instructors playlists? ok, maybe not, but if you do, here’s my secret . . . never, ever listen to your playlist if you’re not using it to workout.   those tunes are sacred !!

2-Kneipp!! Remember that name next time you are in an high end pharmacy. Kneipp makes the most divine mineral bath salts. Made in Germany from pure and natural spring salts.  My favorites are: Arnica for post workout relief.  Juniper to sooth muscles and Pure Bliss Red Poppy & Hemp for relaxing.  Their shaping compression active workout wear conceals your privates and a multitude of sins.

4-“exquisite pain”  I don’t remember where or when I first heard this expression or maybe I came up with it in barre class one day . . . it’s the divine burn in the quads from doing multiple sets of  pliés.

5- to keep your in mailbox from overwhelming you,  it’s better to respond ASAP, short & sweet than to labor over making it perfect.

6- After you spend an arduous hour working out you find yourself thinking “I worked hard, and so I deserve this sticky bun.”  No. Actually, you don’t. You deserve something better…perhaps lowfat greek yogurt with fresh fruit.UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_5a0d

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