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You’re in a crowded dark hot room lit with black lights, the music is blasting, the sweat is pouring out of every pore of your body. You are practically brushing up to the pumped up semi-clothed strangers on either side of you. are you in a nyc night club?  no, you’re at Soulcycle .

I have a love/hate relationship with Soulcycle at this point and plan on going back to resolve it one way or another .

pros: the studio is so dark, it’s easy to hide out  and thus I didn’t feel the pressure to remain standing almost continually on the bike. No membership necessary. The forty-five minutes was just the right amount of time. You might spot a famous face and body . . .  Tracy Ullman was in my class and we had a sweet chat afterwards

cons: it feels like grand central station during rush hour in the lobby. I found the motivational encouragement a little too patronizing . . .”you can do it!! Yes!! Yes!! You are amazing!! Don’t quit!!! Get a veggie burger instead of that cheeseburger !! YESSS!!!

details: go to to find a location and price info.

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